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                Students                  -    6,000




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                Faculty/postdoc       -  8,000




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  • Payment can be made to the account via IMPS or NEFT 

  • Note down the transaction reference number/UTR of the payment.

  • Fill in and submit the online registration form.

  • Registrants are expected to fill only one form per person.

  • Submit your abstracts in prescribed .pdf format as reply to our confirmation mail which you recieve immediately  after submission.

  • You will get an official invitation within  24 hours of submission from the ICM2020.

Please consider the following guidelines for submitting the abstract for Oral /Poster presentation

  • Extended abstracts should not exceed 300- 350 words. The abstracts which do not meet this word limit will be asked for revisions.

  • It should contain title of the abstract with name of authors and affiliation, font size 14,Times New Roman with a line space of 1.5.​

  • The body of the abstract should be in ; font size 12, Times New Roman with a line space of 1.5

  • Candidates can opt their presentation as Oral or Poster.

  • Candidates are expected to submit only one abstract, submission of more than one abstract can disqualify both the submissions.

  • Key words and references should be limited to 3-4 in number.

  • The committee constituted to review the papers submitted will be the final deciding authority, whether the papers are accepted for Oral/Poster presentation.

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